Some finished creatures and 1 sketch

Here are some creatures for my senior thesis. I’m making a children’s magnet activity game inspired by exquisite corpse designs. Each creature will be separated into 3 magnets (head/body/feet) so that you can match up each body part to create a creature, or mis-match them to make something crazy. These are some of the creatures I’ve been working on.

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I did these portraits about a year ago for a family friend. Their two twin boys are both autistic, and they didn’t have a photo of the two boys together where they were both sitting still and looking at the camera. I looked at a bunch of reference photos to compose this portrait of both of them.

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Surface Design

For Illustration Concepts, we had to create a gift wrap design. Everyone in the class drew a category at random. Some were fathers day/mothers day, sweet 16, baby shower, wedding, etc. The topic I ended up receiving was “Grandma’s Birthday”….. so here it is!
(materials: water color, colored pencil, needle and thread stitching, cut paper collage, buttons, and colored pens.)

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I used a lot of these photos for my portrait assignment, but I wanted to post them in their own category. Brittany has 9 snakes amongst other reptiles in her apartment. They are super awesome and fun to photograph.

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Portraits of people I don’t know in their environment

The first picture (in Starbucks) is kind of a cheat because I do know him, but other than that, Mo at the Floral Park gas station was willing to let me photograph him. The photo of the man reading was taken in Border’s books & music in Garden City, NY. The store is closing so the upstairs level is just a bunch of empty bookshelves and a couple of chairs. I found this guy reading about the Great Barrier Reef (and there’s an Egypt book next to him) in a quiet, empty section of the store. He was so nice and I really love that photo.

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Adopt a Persona

Check out the devil shadow on the fence in the fourth photo!!!!! Crazy coincidence, I didn’t even notice it until I was about to print it.

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These are the reinterpreted photos. Our teacher gave us a folder of images that we could reenact/reinterpret in our own way. I decided to do Richard Avedon’s Beekeeper, Keith Arnatt, and Anna Berhardt Blume.


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